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Transport in Vladikavkaz

09/18/2018 01:15S7 Airlines marks 15th anniversary of Vladikavkaz service    ( CAPA - Centre for Aviation )
Vladikavkaz Beslan Airport, via its official Facebook account, announced (13-Sep-2018) S7 Airlines marked the 15th anniversary of the launch of ...
09/12/2018 01:10Novaport to invest EUR12m into construction of Vladikavkaz Beslan Airport terminal    ( CAPA - Centre for Aviation )
Vladikavkaz Beslan Airport director general Sergey Chalov said Novaport plans to invest RUB1 billion (EUR12.4 million) into the construction of a new ...
09/08/2018 06:00Vladikavkaz Beslan Airport could receive new terminal by 2021    ( CAPA - Centre for Aviation )
Republic of North Ossetia-Alania Government announced (06-Sep-2018) the need to construct a new terminal at Vladikavkaz Beslan Airport.
09/08/2018 06:00Vladikavkaz Beslan Airport expands network and increases traffic    ( CAPA - Centre for Aviation )
Republic of North Ossetia-Alania Acting Head Vyacheslav Bitarov stated (06-Sep-2018) the ownership change at Vladikavkaz Beslan Airport had a ...
07/29/2018 19:15Kronshtadt takes over Main Naval Parade in St. Petersburg    ( TASS )
... Ivan Gren and the Ivan Khurs medium reconnaissance ship. The large diesel electric submarine Vladikavkaz ends the Kronshtadt part of the parade.
06/21/2018 06:35Russian deputy FM identifies whereabouts of Tatunashvili's internal organs    ( )
Karasin says that Tatunashvili's autopsy was conducted in Vladikavkaz and not in Moscow and that the Vladikavkaz laboratory carried out the ...
05/21/2018 15:25Book review: From Conquest to Deportation brings fresh insights into the Chechen and Dagestani ...    ( The National )
Driving in the dark to Vladikavkaz, Tim Cranmer, the superannuated spymaster narrator of John Le Carre's post-Cold War novel Our Game, ...
04/28/2018 23:30'Carrier-killer' nuclear sub to take part in Russia's naval parade — source    ( TASS )
... Pyotr Velikiy battlecruiser; the world's biggest nuclear submarine Dmitry Donskoi; and a number of the Russian Navy's most advanced warships, including the amphibious assault ship Ivan Gren, the frigate Admiral Makarov, as well as the diesel-electric submarines Veliky Novgorod and Vladikavkaz.
03/12/2018 13:50Vladikavkaz Shiites fight Sunnis for ownership of historic mosque – so it becomes a planetarium ...    ( JAMnews (blog) )
A dispute concerning a historic mosque in Vladikavkaz has mobilised local society. A decision has already been made concerning its fate: as was done in Soviet times with religious institutions, the building will be converted into a planetarium. But this has only fueled the flames of the conflict.
03/09/2018 22:00Six Tons of Exported Armenian Vegetables Seized & Destroyed    ( Hetq Online )
Six tons of Armenian vegetables on their way to Russia were seized at the Upper Lars customs checkpoint on the Georgian-Russian border were destroyed at the Vladikavkaz municipal dump. Russia's Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance says the cargo (eggplant, tomatoes, ...
02/26/2018 22:10Magazine “Caravan”. Issue 56    ( (press release) )
This issue includes a detailed report Aida Soboleva on the conference “Iran and the North Caucasus: history and prospects for cooperation”, held in December 2017 in Vladikavkaz. You will also be able to read it and the end of the article philologist A. A. Kuzmina “Persian family names parafiscales ...
02/05/2018 22:40Moscow and Tbilisi fail to agree on 'Armenian transit'    ( vestnik kavkaza )
The main topic of discussions between the diplomats of the two countries was the issue of the road traffic from Transcaucasia to Russia and vice versa through the alternative road of Yerevan-Tbilisi-Gori-Tskhinvali-Vladikavkaz. The issue has been discussed for several years upon Armenia's insistent ...
01/13/2018 14:40Gassiev wants to create his own legacy    ( Fight News )
He was trained and discovered by trainer Vitaly Slanov, his first boxing coach from Vladikavkaz in Ossetia, Russia. Vitaly was close friends with Evgenii Vainshtein, owner of Ural Boxing Promotions. It was a crucial decision for his career – to work with them. Ural Boxing had experience with fighters like ...
01/10/2018 06:35'Wake Up, Bro!' Russian Man Rouses Sleeping Pigeon After NYD Excesses    ( Sputnik International )
On New Year's Day, a resident of Vladikavkaz, Russia, walked to his car to find a pigeon asleep on his rear window. The man spoke to the bird gently, as though talking to a friend the morning after the excesses of New Year. "Hey, bro! Wake up, bro! Are you alright?" he asked the pigeon. Several ...
12/27/2017 22:20Sargsyan's visit to Tbilisi under banner of transit and complementarity    ( vestnik kavkaza )
The road from South to North Ossetia is also covered with snow, however, the Tskhinvali-Vladikavkaz road is cleaned traditionally faster than the Tbilisi-Kazbegi-Vladikavkaz highway. Apparently, Armenia expects to redirect a significant part of its cargo via an alternative road through South Ossetia ...
12/23/2017 22:25Verkhny Lars closed due to avalanche danger    ( vestnik kavkaza )
This information was confirmed by duty officer of Russia's Emergencies Ministry North Ossetia department, noting that the Military Georgian Road is closed for all types of vehicles because of worsening of weather conditions. Closure of the Military Georgian Road at the Vladikavkaz-Lars section affected ...
12/23/2017 06:30Russia and Georgia find substitute for Georgian Military Road    ( vestnik kavkaza )
Swiss observers will monitor both sides of the trade corridors - and not just in Sochi and Vladikavkaz, but also in Georgia's Zugdidi and Gori. Cargo will be registered in the "points of monitoring" in accordance with the customs legislation of the two states. This creates a practical opportunity to establish a ...
12/19/2017 06:25Zurab Abashidze: "Not just Armenia needs Georgian Military Road"    ( vestnik kavkaza )
Now main cargo flows from Armenia to Russia and back is delivered either by sea through the Black Sea ports of Poti and Novorossiysk (which is difficult and costly), or through the only highway Yerevan-Tbilisi-Kazbegi-Vladikavkaz (Military-Georgian road). But this highway has become dangerous for ...
12/04/2017 06:05Passengers, crew rescue a sick child during flight    ( TASS )
VLADIKAVKAZ, December 3. /TASS/. Several passengers, who turned out to be medics, and the crew of the Pobeda lowcoster, during the flight revived a seriously ill child, TASS correspondent reported on Sunday. A woman with a sick child of six or seven was returning to Beslan (Vladikavkaz) from ...
11/24/2017 06:15Prankster attempts to stride out of furniture store carrying huge sofa above his head    ( )
This is the moment a prankster pretended to steal a huge sofa from a furniture store by lifting it above his head and running off with it. The man's friend filmed the stunt in a warehouse store in the city of Vladikavkaz, Russia . Footage, which was later posted on social media, shows the man grabbing the ...


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